Now reduce your electricity costs by up to 80% with your own photovoltaic system.

Carefree into the future

Soleoo at home

We install high-quality photovoltaic modules on your roof and a photovoltaic inverter in your basement. You generate electricity yourself from the sun and use it at home. If you have too much electricity, feed it into the grid and sell it.

Save electricity

In order for the self-generated energy to be available around the clock, your energy balance needs a smart addition to the photovoltaic system - the solar power storage unit. Electricity storage makes the self-generated and green energy available at any time. This means that heat pumps, wall boxes or household appliances run efficiently with solar power not only when the sun is shining, but also on darker days or late at night.


When purchasing an e-car, questions will inevitably arise as to how the new vehicle can be charged at home. It should be as clean as possible, inexpensive and fast. But with which hardware? When charging an electric car, a so-called wall box is usually used, i.e. a permanently installed charging station. This represents the safest and most convenient solution and also allows for higher charging capacities.